A visit to the casino can be overwhelming especially for a first timer. The crowds, the atmosphere, the many slot machines and card tables can be quite a sight for someone who hasn’t seen a casino before. Every casino has a general set of rules. Here is a list of some of the things that you should and should not do while you are at the casino. After all you wouldn’t want your first visit to the casino to be remembered as an embarrassing event. Keep in mind these rules and make the most of your time while you are there.

Decide on the amount of money you are going to play with and stick to it. If you end up losing the predetermined amount, walk away. Remember that you cannot win every time. Maybe that day wasn’t your day to win; there is always another day, another time.

Take breaks between your play. If you were losing money, it would be a good idea to step away from the table for a little while. The time away will help refresh you and it can help you concentrate better when you get back playing if you have been playing a game that needs you to be alert.

Listen to the dealer, as they are the ones guiding the direction of play. Some casinos have fresher’s classes and you could take one of these classes to help you to understand the passage of play. It would also be a good idea to watch the game for some time before you join here

Check the dress code before you visit the casino as some casinos might implement a dress code policy. Some casinos might adopt a relaxed policy but it is always better to check with the casino beforehand so that you are not turned away.


Knowing the game before you decide to play or place bets is a safe and sensible way to begin. After all, only when you know how to play can you learn how to win.Knowing the game before you decide to play or place bets is a safe and sensible way to begin. After all, only when you know how to play can you learn how to win.

Do carry some money for tips. Usually complimentary beverages are served at casinos but the staff does expect a small amount of gratuity. Also dealers expect to be tipped a small gratuity when you leave the table.

1.Photography is prohibited at almost all casinos especially when it comes to clicking pictures on the casino floor or of dealers. It’s also a good idea to turn off your mobile phone while you are playing. The security staff is extremely alert to patrons fiddling with their mobile phones for a long period of time and anyone seen doing that would warrant a visit from a security agent.

2.As tempting as it may seem, you should limit the intake of alcohol. It not only impairs your judgment when playing but it can also lead to an unpleasant situation for yourself and other guests.

3.Don’t give chips or cash to the dealers directly as they are not allowed to touch it. You can put the chips or cash on the table and they will pick it up. That is the only way they will accept it.


7.The excitement levels at a casino can change very quickly in a short span of time. Its best to always keep your emotions in check. One need not get angry and have an outburst if you lose. After all, winning and losing are all part of the game and one should always keep this in mind while playing.

8.A visit to the casino should be an exciting, fun and memorable one. You are sure to have a good time if you keep these tips in mind. We have to remember that everyone out there, just like us, wants to have a good time.

4.Avoid smoking. Not only is it injurious to your own health but it can also cause inconvenience to the others around you. If you do decide to smoke, be considerate of the wishes of the people around you and do not smoke if they are uncomfortable.

5.Do not interfere with another person’s chips, as it can be a cause for getting upset. Many gamblers are very particular about their chips, cards and space when playing and it is best not to touch the chips or cards that belong to another person. Respect their space and others will do the same.

6.When buying chips make sure you know what the minimum is for the table that you decide to sit at. Each game has different minimum bets, which are displayed on boards, and it is important to know them before you place your bet.